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#12 - INJI

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Our featured artist this week is INJI!

via @injimusic

INJI has been around music all throughout her life, as she's a classically trained pianist and attended a music conservatory in Turkey. She started writing her songs when she was in high school, and she achieved popularity through TikTok with her first single, "GASLIGHT." The teasing of the song on the social media platform made people beg for the full song! Her groovy vibes have earned the song over 2 million streams on Spotify (achieving over 200k and over 2.5 million videos on TikTok since its release, and many spots in several playlists on multiple platforms. "GASLIGHT" has also been remixed by Sam Blacky, a San Diego female DJ. Dance music is always welcomed with open arms here in Musaholic Magazine!

Following such a breakthrough might be tough, but INJI has followed "GASLIGHT" with her latest release, "MADELINE." Her vocals and her amazing rhythm make us want to drop everything and dance until we drop! We definitely needed some more dance songs in our playlists, so we recommend you check INJI out! The dance-pop genre might watch out, she's going to conquer it! "MADELINE" has already earned her a Rising Artist Spotlight in TIDAL and some spins on UK radio!

You can keep up with INJI through her Instagram, and obviously her TikTok!

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