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#11 - Rex Orange County

Our featured artist this week is Rex Orange County!

via @rexorangecounty (Instagram)

Alex O'Connor (AKA Rex Orange County) was born in England and raised his passion for music by listening to a mix of classic and contemporary artists. He was a self-taught drummer when he entered the BRIT School in London, the leading performing arts and creative arts school in the UK. Rex Orange County is a gifted singer/songwriter that has given us some of the classic tunes that we listen to today, such as "Sunflower," "Best Friend," "Loving Is Easy" and known collaborations with Tyler, The Creator both on his projects and on Tyler's records.

He ranges from jazz, hip-hop, and soul influences, giving us a total of 4 full-length albums, a live album at Radio City Music Hall, and a multitude of singles since he started gathering attention online in 2015. Rex Orange County has been busy this 2022, as he released his last album, "WHO CARES?" this past March, with the singles "KEEP IT UP," "AMAZING," and "OPEN A WINDOW (feat. Tyler, The Creator)" being out ahead of its release. He also released "THREAT" this past August, a track that will help you get rid of those summer blues. It's a very vibing track!

Rex Orange County's last live show of the year took place at Gunnersbury Park in London on August 13th. This was his biggest show so far, as over 20,000 people gathered to enjoy his music live!

Click here to keep up with Rex Orange County, his socials, upcoming music, live show announcements, and more!

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